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Richard Branson 10 Tips To Enhance Your Life Plus Make Money Online And Live Even Better !

To achieve your great online marketing success and enhance and build up your own personal online income and earnings online so you can also live a far better and far more pleasant life there are millions and millions and millions of great Positive "Up Side" Focused Business and non-business people who all prove to us all that that "LIFE CAN GET EVEN BETTER AND GET FAR MORE PLEASANT!!!

Richard Branson is just one example of these great positive "Up Side" focused business leaders and people. Based on the truly great higher level value he has added to:

  • The United Kingdom Economy
  • United Kingdom Employment
  • United Kingdom Innovation that "Builds Up" a better, higher level, far more pleasant life style for the whole of society!
  • United Kingdom critical important public sector services
  • The Lives of Virgin Business Customers
  • The Lives of Virgin Business Employees
  • The Lives of Virgin Business Partners
  • The Lives of an additional range of People who benefit from various contribution Donations from Virgin Business Charity Foundation

Now you can fully understand why Richard Branson's great "Up Side" Positive Better Life Higher Level Life Building Focus advise is really great for improving and enhance your own personal Life and for enhancing and up lifting the Lives of other people as well!

Richard Branson 10 Tips To Support You To Make Money Online And LIVE BETTER!

Tip 1 - Have Fun. You should enjoy your work since its your time spent

Tip 2 - Have a POSITIVE OUTLOOK ON LIFE! To create and live a far better far more pleasant life style maintain your focus, interest and attention and if possible for those around you on the "Up Side" of LIFE and focus on how life "can get even better". Since focus on the "down side" ie negatives in life does not Build Up the "Up Side" Positives Higher Level More Pleasant Life Style for you personally or for other People to also Live A Better Positive Life!

Tip 3 - Believe In Yourself. While a very tiny percentage of people do not want to actually do this, please note that every single person has the ability and capacity to do greatness, add value to others lives, make life even better, to make life far more pleasant, to live an even better life. 

Tip 4 - LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL! Richard Branson and many many many other great positive "Up Side" focused business and non-business people show us all 100% proof that we are all not here merely just to "survive life" but we are all here to "HIGHER LEVEL LIVE LIFE"! So Elevate, Up Lift And Enhance your own life style since you are supposed to LIVE A HIGHER LEVEL LIFE then you do right now!

Tip 5 - Help Each Other! To also Live A Better Life you really do need to make other people's lives even better, more pleasant, more enjoyable, more happy. For example there are 5.4 million United Kingdom Business Leaders who to create successful businesses have to 1000% add value to the lives of other people and do things that make other people's lives far better and far more pleasant. Support others to also live a higher level, far better and far more pleasant life style not just yourself!

Tip 6 - Calculate The Risks And Take Them! To achieve a better life we need to be willing to take some risks to achieve a better life. Please note these risks do need to LEGAL and SAFE risks in the interest of your life and in the interest of others lives. Its 100% very clear that if the United Kingdom Government Departments Business Innovation And Skills and Trade And Investment, plus 5.4 million UK Business Leaders were all not willing to take some LEGAL and SAFE risks then there would be zero United Kingdom Economy and 60 million people in the UK would all be living a crap, rubbish, pathetic, useless, far low level life style right now. We need to take risks to progress lives to a higher level. Since UK Government Business Departments and 5.4 million UK business leaders are all willing to take LEGAL and SAFE risks 60 million UK people can ALL LIVE A BETTER, MORE PLEASANT HIGHER LEVEL LIFE STLYE!

Tip 7 - Keep Your Word! You need to be "Honest" to live an even better life and to also contribute to a far better and far more pleasant life for others. 100% fact the United Kingdom Economy is not grow, developing or expanding Forwards & Upwards based on "Bull Shit"! If you think that dishonesty is the key to a better life, please ask the United Kingdom Police Force Anti-Fraud Department what they think about "Bull Shit" for supporting a better life more pleasant life for people in society. You can also ask the Crown Prosecution Services, a Judge, a Jury or a Prison Office if Bull Shit is making people's lives even better and far more pleasant. The people that live the best lives and contribute to better lives for others are 100% honest, trust worthy, reliable people and they really do make other people's lives far more pleasant and far better. The United Kingdom Economy is progressing "Forwards and Upwards" because of a massive volume of honest trust worthy truthful people.

Tip 8 - Try New Things! Not every 5.4 million UK businesses is fully innovative but please note that every 5.4 UK business did not even exist an some point in time. In fact every Business on Planet Earth did not even exist at some stage. All businesses now exist and operate and service people's Lives now because business leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, were all willing to Try New Things. Be willing to try out new things to make create a higher level, far better, far more pleasant more enjoyable solutions for others to live and enjoy just like business leaders all do now.

Tip 9 - Do The Right Thing! Do good for others with your business, products, services, ideas, solutions then you will be successful.

Tip 10 - Always Think What You Can Do To Help! Business leaders are focused on how they can:

Provide positive solutions
Provide positive value to the lives of others
Provide more pleasant life solutions
Enhance lives of others
Make life far better
How they can elevate more pleasure and enjoyment in the lives of others
How can they make people even more happy (unhappy customers is not a successful business)
How they can up life styles for others

Bonus Tips - Aim High! To live an even better and far more pleasant life you need to be focused on the "Up Side" Positive Forwards & Upwards side of LIFE and see how you can support others also living a higher level life far better life style as well.

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To your greater far higher level, more fantastic brilliant life style!
Dwight Harrison
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